#Tomorrow (9/9) Our #daily #talk and #walk through #Queerskins Home in #VRChat is devoted to #Sex #VR and the #making of @Queerskins: ARK

Christopher Vo and Michael DeBartolo share an intimate moment in this rehearsal of the dance for Queerskins: ARK VR captured on Intel Studio’s massive volumetric capture stage.

Tomorrow our walk and talk through “Queerskins Home” in VRChat will be at 10 AM EST (4PM CEST). Also, available as live stream on www.facebook.com/queerskins. We will be talking about SEX and sexual identity in Queerskins: ARK, and how VR might change conventional definitions of eroticism, intimacy, and self/other boundaries. Honestly, the level of discourse in these strolls through our interactive exhibition space has been amazing. Funny, erudite, full of surprises, and, oh, so human. Please put on your hottest avatar and join me (writer/director), Cyril Tsiboulski (creative and technical director), Michael DeBartolo (Sebastian), Kathleen Fox (supervising producer) and, friends!

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