Expected 3/23 FLY ANGEL SOUL (in production) live performance, film, and VR experience supported by The Jerome Foundation

Fly Angel Soul is a short experimental narrative film shot within virtual reality. It tells the story of Sebastian, a young gay physician estranged from his rural Catholic Missouri family, who, having moved to Mali to heal the sick, is diagnosed with AIDS. Inspired by a quote from Meister Eckhart “(let us) rejoice in the everlasting truth in which the highest angel and the soul and the fly are equal,” Fly Angel Soul is shot in real-time, from the unique points of view of three networked virtual cameras adopting the “roles” of the eponymous characters. The “human” p.o.v. will be that of a live cinematographer moving through the virtual set. Thus, in Fly Angel Soul, “liveness” resides in the “embodied” cameras even more so than in the actors in the story. Finding commonality with video games and live performance, Fly Angel Soul explores the potential for virtual production techniques to expand 2-D cinematic language.

Storyboard art by Paolo Barlascini

11/21 Ordinary Gesture collaboration with Raja Feather Kelly

We were commissioned by Artizen and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to work with rising star choreographer/artist Raja Feather Kelly to help realize his first VR work which premiered November 19th in the Museum of Other Realities.

In headset view of “PANTHEON” one of the works in the photography installation exploring the nature and performance of identity

“In My Own Skin” 2021


1) You must have a VR headset (Quest included) or a PC (does not work on Mac)

2) You must have or make a VRChat account and download the free app. Easiest to do online. 

3) When you are in VR headset or on PC, look for the “In My Own Skin”

4) The installation is free, open to the public and open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

See “Portfolio” for earlier works by Illya+Cyril

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