Expanding #Conventional #Concepts of #EROS through #VR –my Walk and Talk in @Queerkins #Home on #VRChat

Fred Holland Day wonderful homoerotic photograph of St. Sebastian (1906)

“I awoke with a feeling of expansive contentment, as if I were awash in a warm ocean. I felt dissolved—as if that light had worked on me, burnishing the surfaces so they glowed. I felt that even if I strove to see, I would not discern where my glimmering body stopped and the atmosphere began. To be–so uncontained, to not have to worry about the edges of things—what is this but the definition of “joy?”

Portion of an entry from Sebastian’s Diary www.queerskins.com available as playable audio object on the “bed” in Sebastian’s room VRChat.


I love these talks and walks through Queerskins Home in VRChat, our transcendent, and oh so human story space where there is no shame…Today–the topic is SEX. Incredible conversation with actor Michael DeBartolo (Sebastian) about the potential VR offers to expand conventional human eroticism. We talk Queerskins: ARK, Derek Jarman’s Sebastiane, my first person diary entries of gay sex and how sex and acting are related. We end with Narnia in a box, and the conclusion that “physics is a bitch”. Not your usual talk about VR.

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