Talk on #VR #Gender #Identity Being #Octopus #Transcendence, #Pina Bausch, and a #Drag #Queen named Tommy…

Our friend and colleague Kevin Tsukii posing with objects from the site specific interactive installation housing Queerskins: a love story at Tribeca Immersive Arcade 2018.

Serious, fascinating fun. Join Michael DeBartolo, the marvelous actor who plays Sebastian in Queerskins: ARK VR premiering this week at The Venice International Film Festival Expanded VR exhibition on Viveport. Take a stroll through the unheimlich in Queerskins Home world/interactive installation (free on VRChat). Every day at 11 AM through September 12th you can meet us in VR or online at for impassioned, hilarious, thought provoking discussions related to the virtual and the real, identity, sex, religion and, in this episode where we talk gender identity, my drag identity, gay men in love, octopus gender, J.K. Rowling’s transphobia, Pina Bausch, and how all this relates to the brave new world of virtual reality. Excellent videography provided by the strong, silent Zach Milonas.

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