#Learning from Las Vegas? or when is a #closet just a closet? #Architecture, #VR, #Narrative and #Game –a talk with architect Beom Jun Kim (wa.k studio) tomorrow in VRChat

Tomorrow September 4 at 2 PM EST (8 PM CEST), architect Beom Jun Kim (wa.k studio), who teaches architectural design, augmented reality and virtual reality at the Spitzer School of Architecture (CUNY), Barnard College, and Yale University and who advised us on the creation of Queerskins Home will be in conversation with me about architecture, VR, and narrative/game design in the “truckstop” in Queerskins Home world in VRChat. This should be really interesting. I mean when is the last time you heard Venturi/Scott Brown/Izenour’s “Learning from Las Vegas” referenced in a talk on VR? Architecture is an under-utilized aspect of narrative in VR. It will also be live-streamed on Queerskins page. You can also watch video later on QS page.

Also, tomorrow September 4 at 1 PM EST (7 PM CEST) Queerskins: ARK choreographer Brandon Powers and I (writer/director) will be in the Venice VR Expanded Garden in VRChat( accredited visitors only ) for a “meet the directors” social hour. Hope to see you there!

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