Queer + Skins = Welcome + Home

Queerskins Home public world in VRChat

It is easy living in a place like NYC or LA to forget that there are a lot of places where coming out could mean losing friends, family, or worse. Tonight, I was reminded poignantly why I called our story “Queerskins” — not only do I want people to say “queer” and “skin” together, and maybe feel a little uncomfortable in their own skin, but, perhaps even more important, it is a neon sign flashing– “welcome queers.”“Queerskins Home” our art exhibition, interactive story world in VRChat is a 24 hour seven day a week safe haven for exploring difficult topics: sexuality, gender, family, forgiveness, shame and spirituality. Come, check it out! You will not be disappointed.We’ve decided to switch the artist lead tours through the space to once daily at 11AM through September 12th. These are intense for us. Twice a day is just too much to sustain. Hope to see you in VRChat tomorrow. Or, watch the livestream or catch the video recording later on https://www.facebook.com/queerskins

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