Sheffield DocFest Alternate Realities Talent Market


Cyril Tsiboulski and I will be attending the talent market at Sheffield DocFest.  We would love to find time to meet with you about funding/exhibition/installation of these projects. We see ourselves as uniquely situated between art and sophisticated entertainment. As museums become more interested in experiences ,  this line has become increasingly blurred.

We bring three projects in various stages of production and are also open to commissions and consultations on projects.  Let us know if you will be there and if you want to meet!

Aveline (pre-production): a hybrid documentary MR work that combines archival historical ephemera and first-person storytelling by semi-fictional characters shot with 3D volumetric video to tell the story of two women during the Fraser Gold Rush in Canada who fall in love. This work harnesses the power of AR to remap and colonize existing space to explore contemporarily relevant issues of national borders, gender, feminism, race, and sexuality in a historical context.

 Queerskins: ark ( production–anticipated VR premiere January 2020 -funded for creation of VR experience, we are looking for funding for installation and performance and also for exhibition spaces. The second episode of a tetralogy that combines VR, installation and performance. Queerskins Ark offers visitors the opportunity to consider what is lost and gained when human touch and interaction become virtual. A combination of virtual reality (with interactive dance), interactive installation, immersive theater and dancer performance, it tells the story of Sebastian, a gay man estranged from his rural Catholic Missouri family who dies of AIDS in 1990. In it, his mother finds a way to transcend her grief and her self through reading his diary and through her own imagination. The production costs of this project are now fully funded by a major tech company.

Atomic Vacation (in production–proof of concept and archival research completed–looking for funding and exhibition/installation potential)
a social trans-media hybrid non-fiction project about the end of the world as we have known it. It offers participants opportunities to actively and creatively consider what it means to be human in an increasingly virtual and computer-mediated world. The first element is a post-apocalyptic narrative game for virtual reality and online play that utilizes AI affordances of Unity. Through game play, participants explore U.S Cold War and Atomic history as they piece together the story of Shizuku, a robot girl from the near future, the sole inhabitant of a rocket ship carrying an impossible archive of “all human knowledge.”


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