Queerskins: a love story wins a # Peabody Future of Media Award for Transmedia!

queerskins poster jpg

Cyril Tsiboulski and I are so pleased and a little flabbergasted to announce that Queerskins: a love story has won a Peabody Future of Media Award for transmedia. They have never given this award in this category before.

Bravo to the incredible team! Kathleen Fox, Cory Allen, Laura Cunningham, Supreet Mahanti, Richard Hammer, our actors Hadley Boyd, Drew Moore, Michael DeBartolo, our post production angels: Juan Salvo, Kevin Bolen and Skywalker Sound crew, Jillian Morrow, Kyle Kukshtel, Alexander Porter, James George and Scatter Studio makers of Depthkit, and Zeina Abi Assy and Tribeca Film Institute/MacArthur Foundation and Sundance Institute/Arcus Foundation for believing in this story, and Loren Loren Austin Hammonds and Ingrid Kopp for giving us the chance create our first and most fabulous installation and performance photography, with Julienne Schaer and Tagger Yancey IV.

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