Thinking Through Immersive Theater Piece based on Sebastian’s Diary from Queerskins: a novel.

truck stop

Excited to work through this in conjunction with our VR experience Queerskins: ark set to premier in 2020. What I love about VR is this ability to start playing with and exploring who we are, what we value and who we might be in the future. For me it is a kind of laboratory that uses storytelling and presence for its experiments. We are just beginning to see the potential of this.  I think of having audience members say lines from the diary in a theatrical piece as asking them to put on a “queer” skin that fits and doesn’t fit and exploring the boundaries of what they call  “self” and also what they  reject as  “other,” just as I did in writing Sebastian’s diary. 

Here is the wonderful actor Michael DeBartolo as Sebastian describing having sex with James as a teenager at a truck stop in Missouri. It’s not rainbows and unicorns, it will never be printed on a tote bag for pride month. But, it’s raw and true and beautiful. Bravo, Michael.

Teaching Narrative Design for VR at IFP Made in NYC Center in October/November

NYC friends–I am teaching again at IFP Made in NYC Media Center again–it was really well received last time. I took suggestions to heart–so this time around, I’m expand the number of sessions and am offering time to view VR prior to the class to facilitate class discussions. This is really about storytelling– VR is an evolving language, so we will be learning and thinking together–though,  I have some ideas! Bringing in embodied cognition concepts from Damasio and queer phenomenology from Sarah Ahmed. empathy 2…. First 5 people get a 20% discount. use code DesigningNarratives20

#Partnership with #IntelStudios for the making of #Queerskinsark

Things like this don’t happen to people like us.



It is a dream come true to announce that Queerskins: ark created by Cyril Tsiboulski and me in collaboration with talented choreographer Brandon Powers is being co-produced with by INTEL STUDIOS.

We are truly appreciative of their willingness to push artistic innovation in VR and to support challenging, complex stories like this. We shot in LA last week on the largest 3D volumetric capture stage in the world with the Intel Studios team and ourIMG_1813 NY based team many of whom have been part of QS since episode 1: producer and mother of dragons Kathleen Fox, DP Cory Allen, Actors Michael DeBartolo , Christopher Vo, and new LA friends EcoVR (sound engineering). Coming Jan 2020.

Final Rehearsal Before Queerskins Ark Volumetric Shoot

Final rehearsal prior to shoot in LA. with Choreographer Brandon Powersand dancer/actors Christopher Vo and Michael DeBartolo.

Although Queerskins: ark VR is a continuation of our Peabody Futures of Media award winning first episode, it is designed to be a stand-alone piece as well. In this episode, Mary-Helen, Sebastian’s mom finds his diary while putting away things from a box of belongings shipped back with his body to Missouri. Reading it, not without some misgivings, she allows herself to imagine him alive and in love.  It is our intent to use the special affordances of VR to create new forms of intimacy, connection and understanding through our storytelling. We do not tell you how to feel about two male lovers’ intimate dance, but whatever you decide, however you move, coming close or staying at a distance, will influence how the dance appears. It is, in essence, a kind of collaborative choreography. 

Gorgeous photos by Asya Gorovits.