Talk at #SIGGRAPH 2018 on #VR, #story and #epistemology and #Marinetti #Bergson #embodied #cognition

Cyril and I were asked to give a talk at SIGGRAPH this year. I knew there was no way I would fit in among the mostly white, straight tech nerds, so, I didn’t try,  instead,  I gave  the talk I’d always wanted to give…and they loved it! A certain Microsoft VP said,  “I haven’t met anyone else that has put VR into such a philosophical framework or drawn from such a broad range of thinkers.”

I do a ten minute talk on story as a way of organizing information, taking the audience on a wild ride through philosophy, neuroscience, and Marinetti’s Manifesto of Tactilism… Then Cyril brings it all home to talk about why we did what we did to make #Queerskins: a love story.  Enjoy.

Here is the link.


#VR #Storytelling #Primer– I’m Teaching at IFP Made in NYC Media Center in March


I’m teaching a class on storytelling in #VR at The #IFP Made in NY Media Center in March–if you know me–you know I think differently…Come ready to think outside the box and get out of your artistic comfort zone. It’s going to be fun!

Whether you are already an established fiction or documentary writer, filmmaker, or artist or just want to start or learn more about making stories in virtual reality, this class is for you. We focus on the #art of the #story. No technical experience or experience with game engines is required.




Invited to Venice Biennale Cinema College VR 2019

queerskins ark biennale presentation

Just returned from Venice Biennale Cinema VR lab where we worked on our second episode of Queerskins: a love story for VR. In Queerskins ark, Mary-Helen, the  mother of Sebastian, whom she has lost to AIDS,  finds a way to transcend her grief and her self through reading his diary.  It is our hope that through the unique possibilities of VR storytelling (in this episode we harness the visitor’s body movement for storytelling) visitors can also transcend if just for a time their own limits of themselves and their world.  This was an incredibly productive experience for us. The mentors and participants were so generous with their creativity and knowledge. So grateful for this opportunity.  Stay tuned for updates.

#Queerskins #VR in #Nova Scotia #Canada!


Really pleased to be part of this VR show in Halifax curated by a great artist David Clark.

Whew! This month Queerskins is showing in Canada, Switzerland and Texas!

Above are new photos of participants at our installation at the TIFF Lightbox Gallery in Toronto in June taken by Tagger Yancey and Yann Voljean. These photos will be exhibited in 16x 20″ format in the installation in Houston at The Rice University Media Center. Nov 8-12. I’ll be giving an artist’s talk at noon on Nov 9.