WORK BEGINS ON FLY ANGEL SOUL –Our experimental short shot entirely in VR

The “windows” we used for viewing in our In My Own Skin virtual installation, morph into the decorative grille/grids of Malian architecture (where the film takes place)

FAS tells the story of Sebastian, a young gay physician, estranged from his rural Catholic Missouri family, who, having moved to Mali to heal the sick, is diagnosed with AIDS. Inspired by a quote from Meister Eckhart that we might “rejoice in the everlasting truth in which the highest angel and the soul and the fly are equal,” FAS will be created using Unity’s Cinemachine software with three networked cameras adopting the p.o.v of the eponymous characters. What each camera “hears and sees and how each moves depends in part upon the actions of the other cameras in real time. The cameras function as the “players,” both in the video game sense and in a theatrical sense. The cameras’ real-time “performance” is the material for the 2D film. Thus, in FAS, “liveness” resides in the “embodied” cameras as much as in the actors whose performance is pre-recorded with volumetric video. Thus, the film, itself, is a poetic documentation of both human and computer machinations. Montage, as such, will not come through a post-production editing process, but occurs and becomes manifest as a result of the procedural logic of the game engine + the incommensurable logic of the human operator/performer. In keeping with Eckhart’s intent, the final film will display all the p.o.v’s on one screen,  a tripartate montage of images and sounds, not created in post, but recorded “live” in real time. 

Even though we work with cutting edge technology, I start projects with paper and scissors and glue. Today, Cyril, who is now used to this came over to discuss what I’d come up with. (queerskins a novel began with a 100 page pile of collages that I showed Cyril at lunch one day. They were made on children’s colored construction paper as I’d work late at night after my two young kids were asleep and that was all I had available at the time I started.)

It’s wild to see how your mind builds on things–the delving into architecture and windows for viewing in our In My Own Skin project last year is taken up ten levels. In this project, architectural space and light actual become as integral to the film as the actors.

Ophuls is a major influence for the set in scene 2 (use of multiple patterns/textures/l) which find there real equivalent in contemporary Malian apartment rentals!

We will build a set based on radial forms –see the original plan for St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome above.

Other artists’ inspire–screens by Jorge Pardo and paintings/installation by Lucio Fontana. I

In the final scene, I note that the Angel which manifests to the human as light is powerful force inspiring awe and terror.. Cyril and I spent part of our time today discussing “how does an angel see?” So, I look for this brain worm, later and find it on my shelf in Rilke’s Duino Elegies

“Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angelic orders? And, even if one of them pressed me suddenly to his heart: I’d be consume in his stronger existence. For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, which we can just barely endure, and we stand in awe of it as it coolly disdains to destroy us. Every angel is terrifying. ” So, I guess this has been living in my mind all these years, waiting to emerge!

My Talk at Games for Change on “#Aesthetics and #Empathy: Why #Art Matters”

Really happy with the response to my talk today.

” Wonderful, especially drawing inspiration from Bergson, Lakoff & Johnson, Damasio, Baudrillard!” was one comment.

Also, Hilma af Klint, Sarah Ahmed, Jakob von Uexkull and Marshall McLuhan…Since I have no tech or art background, I feel free to draw on and seek inspiration from a range of sources. I really wish I could teach at the university level, but my M.D. doesn’t go far in academia and institutions are, often, unfortunately, very resistant to new ideas. The thing is, I love teaching and students really enjoy my style and mind (I taught narrative VR design at Independent Film Producers Center in NYC, the student clapped after almost every class…) So, if you are game, hit me up!

I’m going to post my slides and a draft of my paper (warning–this was not for publication, so expect spelling mistakes and grammatical errors) and eventually, I’m sure G4C will post the talk on YouTube. Thanks to all who attended. If you are free, please stop by the Expo (free, but you need to register )–I’ll be taking your questions from 11-12:30 tomorrow at the Queerskins: Ark virtual booth. And from 1:30 -2PM I will be in wild conversation with Queerskins’ actor Michael DeBartolo talking queerness, dance, VR, bodies and more. He’ll do some live readings from Sebastian’s diary, too. Join the conversation!

I’m also excited that Queerskins: ARK is garnering interest in academia! It’s really great when people think your work is important enough to actually do an in-depth analysis and publish a paper on it. Thank you!