New Work Premiering Soon

Excited to report that we received final photographs from collaborating artist Tagger Yancey, IV for our “In My Own Skin” project. As many of you know, much of the art we make explores the ways that technology, specifically VR, can offer visitors the opportunity to “try-on” different ways of knowing and connecting with others. We then extend that into the physical world through installation and objects. This donning of a different “self” in VR led to my wanting to create actual garments. In the midst of a pandemic, across thousands of miles, we have had the joy of collaborating, over the past year, with textile designer Loise Braganza to create 20 unique garments which amateur models were asked to choose from and wear. Most of the photography took place in the model’s own home. With Covid, communication through a touchable, physical object became that much more urgent. Loise’s focus on texture and ornamental detail became a form of touch, creating a visceral intimacy between viewer and model. We are planning an interactive exhibition in VRChat that will truly be unlike any other viewing experience of photography that you have ever had. You, yourself, will become a performer in the space, donning a customized avatar wearing one of the garments–a “queer skin”. Your movement through the exhibition spaces becomes a literal undressing of the photograph. Really pushing the edge of VR/game/performance/and photography. Can’t wait to show you what we have planned.

In the meantime, enjoy these. Just beautiful work: intimacy, embodiment, texture, and “touch.”

1 thought on “New Work Premiering Soon

  1. Amazing – I’m so looking forward to hearing more. The idea of incorporating fashion is exciting – so often a partner in the evolution of ‘fine art’ – is speaks to the experience of the personal. I hope I can see / experience it, I’m thrilled at by this new adventure — Continued Bravos!

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