End of the World

writing from Rikers

This morning, my can of cat food was confiscated at Rikers, you know because a can, in the right hands, is a weapon, (technically, correct). But it’s 8 AM and it pisses me off because I’m working the Covid unit at Rikers and, honestly, I love giving the feral kitties food. I thank my lucky stars that so many have let me bring in that potential weapon. But, I can’t let it go so I say. “It’s this little bit of humanity, coming to the jail, feeding the cats.” And, the officer agrees, but it’s now on camera. So, after I put it in a locker, I say to no one in particular, “You know the world is going to hell in a hand-basket. And ,the Mental health clinician coming through the metal detector says, “yeah, I know.” I say, the good news is that come the apocalypse, as a doctor, I’m gold. So stick with me.” She laughs and says, “yeah, I know.”

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