#Partnership with #IntelStudios for the making of #Queerskinsark

Things like this don’t happen to people like us.



It is a dream come true to announce that Queerskins: ark created by Cyril Tsiboulski and me in collaboration with talented choreographer Brandon Powers is being co-produced with by INTEL STUDIOS.

We are truly appreciative of their willingness to push artistic innovation in VR and to support challenging, complex stories like this. We shot in LA last week on the largest 3D volumetric capture stage in the world with the Intel Studios team and ourIMG_1813 NY based team many of whom have been part of QS since episode 1: producer and mother of dragons Kathleen Fox, DP Cory Allen, Actors Michael DeBartolo , Christopher Vo, and new LA friends EcoVR (sound engineering). Coming Jan 2020.

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