Final Rehearsal Before Queerskins Ark Volumetric Shoot

Final rehearsal prior to shoot in LA. with Choreographer Brandon Powersand dancer/actors Christopher Vo and Michael DeBartolo.

Although Queerskins: ark VR is a continuation of our Peabody Futures of Media award winning first episode, it is designed to be a stand-alone piece as well. In this episode, Mary-Helen, Sebastian’s mom finds his diary while putting away things from a box of belongings shipped back with his body to Missouri. Reading it, not without some misgivings, she allows herself to imagine him alive and in love.  It is our intent to use the special affordances of VR to create new forms of intimacy, connection and understanding through our storytelling. We do not tell you how to feel about two male lovers’ intimate dance, but whatever you decide, however you move, coming close or staying at a distance, will influence how the dance appears. It is, in essence, a kind of collaborative choreography. 

Gorgeous photos by Asya Gorovits.

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