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atomic vacation postcard 1

This is such a beautiful project. We wrote a grant for LACMA art+tech. Waiting to hear. It would consist of database narrative game focusing on US cold war/atomic bomb history for VR and online, a Snapchat project, and an AI.

Postcards for Future Humans is a Snapchat “Our Story” campaign where visitors record a short “goodbye” to future humans who will never know Earth (now uninhabitable) and contribute an archival memory in the form of a photograph of a personally meaningful place or object. Available for only 24 hours, the ephemerality of these memories resonates with the possible loss of our primordial home.

Tiny Drop AI i s an artificial intelligence charged with the absurd task of visualizing the answers to challenging philosophical questions. With assistance from Google, we propose creating an AI that will be fed player multiple choice answers to “big questions” such as “what is human?,” “what is freedom?, “what is evil?”, ” what is love?”, “what is justice?.” The visual multiple choice answers are culled from the online community at large using Google Search Engine to scour the Internet for images. We will display Tiny Drop’s evolving answers to these questions in a real-time data visualization on our website. Visitors to the website may also participate by responding to these same questions online, outside of gameplay. Because the questions are as important as the answers, we propose a public workshop and discussion at LACMA that will culminate in the community deciding which questions are most important for the future of humanity.

In the meantime here is beautiful work from our collaborator Karen Llamas who is creating a comic based on the feature length screen play for Atomic Vacation. Shizuku is a little Japanese-made robot girl, the sole sentient inhabitant on a rocketship carrying a digital archive of “all human knowledge.” Her mission is to re-instantiate “the human” should Earth become uninhabitable, (of course it does). This comic is Shizuku’s remembered/imagined fantasy of her life on our home planet. The cover for first chapter reflects the page where “Ray” –Shizuku’s teacher and ? love interest takes her home to the US from Tokyo. So good. I’m just taking my name off of it… who is creating a comic book of Shizuku’s remembered/fantasized life on our home planet.

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