Talk at #SIGGRAPH 2018 on #VR, #story and #epistemology and #Marinetti #Bergson #embodied #cognition

Cyril and I were asked to give a talk at SIGGRAPH this year. I knew there was no way I would fit in among the mostly white, straight tech nerds, so, I didn’t try,  instead,  I gave  the talk I’d always wanted to give…and they loved it! A certain Microsoft VP said,  “I haven’t met anyone else that has put VR into such a philosophical framework or drawn from such a broad range of thinkers.”

I do a ten minute talk on story as a way of organizing information, taking the audience on a wild ride through philosophy, neuroscience, and Marinetti’s Manifesto of Tactilism… Then Cyril brings it all home to talk about why we did what we did to make #Queerskins: a love story.  Enjoy.

Here is the link.


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