Month-long Solo Exhibition at TIFF Lightbox Gallery

Photo Jun 01, 3 46 41 PMConfronted with a huge white box of a space that could serve as a cenotaph, we had to rethink how to create an interactive installation that would continue our themes of love, loss, memory and imagination. Our plan was to attempt to domesticate the monumental (and fail) and to elevate the every-day (the photos of prior participants) by dramatically lighting them on the white expanse of wall. Adopting the moving box “plinth” we’d used in the middle room at Tribeca, we replicated it across the space to create a cohesive experience. In addition, we used the excess of space to offer the visitor time for contemplation as they moved from one photo to another or one arrangement of objects to another. The result is something that feels human-scale, austere, and memorial.

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