VR Installation at TIFF Lightbox Building Gallery for Pride Month in Toronto

Inside Out Festival is partnering for the first time with The Toronto International Film Festival to bring Queerskins: a love a story for a month long installation in the beautiful gallery at the Lightbox building. This is our first time in a proper gallery space as opposed to film festival venue and we are so thrilled to have this opportunity. The installation will feature photographs  by Tagger Yancey IV of Tribeca participants (see prior post) and also an interactive, immersive installation in which we attempt and fail (a little) to domesticate the gallery space.  QueerskinsTribeca04_TaggerYanceyIV_6419QueerskinsTribeca04_TaggerYanceyIV_6396QueerskinsTribeca04_TaggerYanceyIV_6359QueerskinsTribeca03_TaggerYanceyIV_6208QueerskinsTribeca02_TaggerYanceyIV_5868QueerskinsTribeca01_TaggerYanceyIV_5811QueerskinsTribeca01_TaggerYanceyIV_5787QueerskinsTribeca01_TaggerYanceyIV_5636

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