Beautiful Stills from Atomic Vacation

Amazing demo from Cyril Tsiboulski.  To see teaser go to our Atomic Vacation dev page on FB.

There is a point when you have spent years trying to research and make an artwork that you see what it will be. Before then, in some ways, it didn’t really exist. It is like some space alien dropped this thing, like the monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey, in the middle of your bedroom. and your job is to figure out how to understand it and how to use it. Cyril Tsiboulski and my Atomic Vacation reached this point today. I’m near tears and it’s not just 3 hours sleep. It is a beautiful thing. Here are two teasers from in headset.

So much of this data is archival. For us it is important to ground the virtual and the future in the flow of history. We think this is the basis for human ethical action in the world. The voice you hear on the radio is archival: Oppenheimer interviewed by Edward R. Murrow. The music in the second is the exquisite piano composition “Po” based on Cantor sets by Brazilian composer Liduino Pitombeira, played by Luciana Noda who have graciously allowed us to use this music. The ending –stepping out the door into deep space will not be allowed until your 15 minutes of attempting to “prove” you are human is up. Until then you are locked in this perverse domestic space with ever accumulating amounts of data. (every object you pick up, toss, shoot, etc.) causes more data to be revealed and these, too, can be moved and become “matter” and structural elements in the virtual space. At the end, the door will be a release. You can see what we have lost. Oh, and eventually the gun will shoot rainbow teardrops. I want the whole damn room filled with rainbow teardrops. #thefutureisqueer #tech #gamedev @globalzero

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