Queerskins For Oculus Touch


You know how much I want to make this. Revisited the script to rewrite for
and it is so beautiful. Love in all its forms.

Queerskins: a love story exploits the unique properties of VR, providing users with unprecedented opportunities to play with subject position, identity, and negotiate the interfaces between real/embodied and the virtual/imaginary spaces. On an abstract level, this piece encourages users to experience and contemplate the loss of the body and the dangers and pleasures of unmediated sensuality in our increasingly virtual and technologically interfaced world. We employ several  devices to create a dynamic between“ real” existence and virtual, imagined or remembered life and between embodied existence and the human desire for transcendence whether this be through faith, love, sex, or storytelling itself.  Most importantly, the combination of Oculus Touch and Depthkit create a formal device by which the desire for touch and human connection is both stimulated and frustrated. This is in keeping with the uneasy position of touch/contact in the age of AIDS. If you are interested in supporting this project, please connect via our FB page https://www.facebook.com/queerskins/

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