Viva Mexico! Beautiful #Installation Queerskins: a love story for #VR in #Mexico City




We are at muvlab for two weeks with a site-specific installation of Queerskins: a love story,  featuring videos by Jarrah Gurrie and Pelin Kirca which were commissioned in 2011-12 for the online narrative.

I contacted Jarrah through a short film website, we met for two hours in a coffee shop in Union Square. He was going to LA to work on editing a Hollywood film –I handed him a Flip video camera and told him “no narrative” –just put it in your pocket and film your life. (I wanted him to use a Flip because it had no zoom so the filmmaker’s body is ever present in the motion of the shot) Three months later–he sent me back these beautiful videos which represent Sebastian’s life in LA after leaving Missouri.

Pelin’s video of a man touching his chest has been a centerpiece of installation since Tribeca. I met this wonderful Turkish artist in 2007 and commissioned a hand-drawn animation for Reconstructing Mayakovsky.

VR Fest MX was fantastic–the level of intelligence and creative energy in Mexico City is incredible. Thanks to all for this opportunity.



New Series on VR as an Emerging Art Form on Huffington Post

I’ve started a new series about VR as an emerging art form on The Huffington Post. First up is a review of Marie-Laure Ryans Narrative as Virtual Reality 2 which looks at VR through the lens of writing and reading. I promise lots of interesting stuff–art, storytelling, science, philosophy, ethics, the nature of reality–next up Rachel Rossin, Virtual Reality Fellow at The New Museum’s incubator lab. As always, please share and Tweet. It’s tough competing with photos of naked celebrities. 0