#InMyOwnSkin #VR #Interactive #Art #Installation to Premiere @cphdox

Angelo in one of Loise Braganza’s handmade “queer skins.” Photo by Tagger Yancey, IV

Excited to announce that our interactive virtual installation combining fashion, photography, and architecture will premiere April 21st at CPH: DOX. It will feature customized avatars that you wear into the space becoming a defacto model /performer. Huge thanks to Mark Atkin for having the vision and courage to curate us in. More news to come on gallery walk and talks we will be doing during the festival with special guests talking about gender, intimacy, fashion and architecture and XR.

Tomi, wearing the only “found” garment, a tiny negligee with rather bedraggled pink feathers.
A true NYC portrait in the Loise’s “Kate Moss” dress paired with the model’s handmade “FTP” bag.

We are pushing the boundaries of art and VR–making your movement through the installation an integral part of how the art functions. Our hope is that you leave wondering who am I? Could I be different? Could I be other, too?

Isaac wearing one of my favorites–the pink silk “pant” suit.

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