#CENSORED: @SteamVR Rejects #Queerskins: a love story and Queerskins: ARK VR

We are so tired of this. Queerskins: a love story and Queerskins: ARK have been rejected from SteamVR store. Everyone talks about diversity and inclusion but we have to deal with this all the time. (not even a mention on the blog when Queerskins got released on Oculus store either) There is almost NO queer content in VR, certainly nothing that shows anything with even a hint of sexuality. Happy to have a discussion with anyone in power. The silence is deafening.

I’m a doctor who works at Rikers Island, (in addition to being a woman director in a male heavy club), so I have to deal with some pretty tough conditions. But, at the end of the day, fighting the boys in tech who own the platforms is what really exhausts me. It is so utterly pointless and demoralizing. STEAMVR there are queer people and, yes, even, lots of straight people, who want to play these experiences because they are incredibly well-made, provocative, and groundbreaking in their use of volumetric video and interactive narrative.

Peabody Futures of Media Award, Games 4 Change XR Finalist, Venice and Tribeca premieres, Venice VR lab alums, funding by Sundance and Tribeca Film Institutes and support from a major corporation and we still have to deal with this. If you have some power in XR, please be an ally, thanks. Illya

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