Blood and Chocolate: a variation on Queerskins: ARK at CannesXR/Tribeca Immersive



Blood and Chocolate a lyrical 360˚ video variation on Queerskins: ARK will be shown in the Museum of Other Realities June 24-26th, as part of The Cannes Film Festival with whom Tribeca Immersive is partnering. MOR is a virtual museum space, unfortunately only available for Oculus Rift and Vive headsets at this time.

This 360˚ video variation presents a glimpse of the intimate lovers’ pas-de-deux, choreographed by Brandon Powers to a score by composer Wilbert Roget II,  from Queerskins: ARK. That project – co-produced with Intel Studios and set for a 2020 release, harnesses volumetric video and spatial sound to tell the story of a mother who, reading the diary of her estranged son, Sebastian, whom she has lost to AIDS, allows herself to picture him alive and in love. The text used in the Blood and Chocolate installation and for the voice-overs in the experience are taken from Sebastian’s diary, available free in an interactive narrative at For updates on Queerskins: ARK, please follow us @queerskins.

I will also be in conversation with Sarah Vick, Intel Studios, executive producer for Queerskins: ARK, who is giving a keynote on “Building a shared sense of Humanity with Volumetric Video” on June 25th.

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