Peter Reed Foundation Supports Queerskins ark–for VR and Installation

QueerskinsTribeca04_TaggerYanceyIV_6414We are so pleased to announce that we got our first grant to support production of Queerskins ark –the second of 4 experiences for VR. Thank you, Peter Reed Foundation. Peter Reed was a filmmaker, dancer, and choreographer who, like so many artists, lost his life to AIDS. We hope to honor his memory with our work.

This episode combines narrative 3D volumetric filmmaking and interactive dance. As with Queerskins: a love story–we will create an experience in which the participant’s body is implicated in the storytelling. We think embodied cognition allows us access to universal human experiences in ways that we have yet to fully understand. Sebastian’s story is specific, but the experience of love, sexual desire, and fear of rejection/loss are part of being alive. Yes, we are looking for funders and/or in-kind donors–contact me with ideas! We know that most VR platforms are controversy and risk averse (and yes, two men dancing together, unfortunately, counts as controversial..and we are indie artists) so we are casting a wide net!


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