Installation Photos Tribeca Film Festival

The installation at Tribeca recreates the childhood attic bedroom of Sebastian, the young gay physician from a rural Catholic Missouri family who dies of AIDS in 1990, who is the main and missing character in Queerskins: a love story. It came to me in a period of a few days and tens of hours online looking through Home Depot and Lowes , Amazon, Etsy (where the handmade purple taffeta rose bridal runner came from for the Drag Hallway) and, of course, eBay.  We could not have done this without Cory Allen, our DP from the Queerskins shoot, who did the theatrical lighting for this including creating fake windows in the attic.

The installation is historically accurate and meticulously curated which gives it such realism that many people truly thought Sebastian was real. He is to me. I wrote 40,000 words of his diary basing him on my own experiences with HIV patients and my own research and also my own biography.


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