Soft Launch of “if I could have anyone”

We did a soft launch at my apartment this weekend. It was a magical moving experience. When you crowdsource a project, it finds its own energy. I thought this would be about hope and love and faith in the future, but most of the objects donated have to do with   loss of love, youth, dreams. The evening was both a kind of collective mourning, not heavy, the weight of a sigh. But, I realize that renewal requires that recognition of loss to make a space for something else. So it was melancholy, but not sad, and also joyous and slightly electric. It was unexpectedly profound and I thank everyone for donating. If you’s like to participate, send your small meaningful object with a short description of its significance, history or imagined future history to PO Box 1279, NY NY 10113. Include your name and address (we will not reveal it) and you will get a photo of your object in communion with a “lover.”  Note: objects will not be returned. Follow on Instagram @gameoflovex3 Photos by Tagger Yancey.


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