Queerskins: a love story updates–I’m sorry Oscar

Devastating. Oscar Raby (VRTOV) once advised me that I shouldn’t flay the user alive when writing a script for #VR.  I started out this move into VR by writing an experience based on the truckstop scene in Queerskins online. It’s basically the first time S. has sex. It was going to be abstract, but obvious and especially for heterosexual men intensely disturbing. All the gay men I shared the idea with loved it. Here is a still from the text online. queerskins screenshot

The picture of St. Theresa in Ecstasy by Bernini is my own, the video is from Derek Jarman’s erotic first feature Sebastiane (Jarman and Genet were muses for all of Queerskins). Eventually, I realized there was no way I would ever be able to make this, so the script morphed. But, it remains emotionally eviscerating. The proximity of the user to the drama between Sebastian’s parents in the front seat means they experience it viscerally. Rehearsals have been a kind of emotional bloodletting. So, I took Oscar’s advice, but then I kind of didn’t.

Can not thank the actors enough, Hadley Boyd as Mary-Helen and Drew Moore as Ed for their skill and commitment. They have given it their all and we end rehearsals hugging each other because it is so raw and painful. Cyril has put up a new page, so follow us there for more updates and information. Sorry, Oscar.

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