Atomic Vacation update

Really paring down and directing opening scenes. It becomes a form of multimedia poetry. The user opens a drawer and finds these “found” images: a picture of fake Chanel pink gloves and a picture I found on Pinterist of someone taking a picture of a Juliana Spahr love poem with their cell phone. I have never met her, but love her poetry and emailed her to see if she’d agree to let me use it. She loved the idea.

As is our style we use a lot of circulating and historical media and what I call an “ecstatic excess” of data to tell stories. Here, the data the user gets is randomized so noone will get the same story. The other options when you open the drawer are a hybrid computer poem that I composed from appropriated text and my own monologues put into a computer story algorithm and reedited. Shizuku the robot girl is perhaps in love with her teacher Rae, but what does that mean? That she is organizing her thoughts around her? That she “feels” something? That is up for the user to interpret. Tomi’s Depthkit scenes are so present and human and weird. Maybe what a robot girl would remember/fantasize about?

“when computers begin to think, we begin to choose, how could you not have understood that?”

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