Depthkit Experiments for Atomic Vacation

Had a great meeting with Alexander Porter at Depthkit. They are really enthusiastic about the project and have granted us beta access and tech support. We will begin experiments with filming Tomi Heady as “Rae”, the neuroscientist charged with teaching Shizuku how to “pass” as human. She appears in “memory rooms”. Here, the user is literally transported from the weird 1950′ s kitchen to Shizuku’s reconstructed/imagined memory of her teacher, the woman around whom she is organizing her thoughts. Is this love? An glitch in her algorithms? The user will have to decide. Depthkit brings a verisimilitude and intimacy to the environment which is overtly artificial. We are fascinated by Noh theater–the modularity of elements–the “codification” of gestures (kata), minimal props and markers of place and  , of course, masks. I took a workshop on Noh at the Japan Society in preparation, Tomi and I also attended a Butoh workshop to prepare for shooting.

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