Progress Atomic Vacation

VR environment:  we were successful in creating the environment for the VR experience (after negotiations, we were granted a two hour shoot at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, collaborated with a photography graduate student and film lighting person to shoot a 1950’s kitchen installed at the museum, stitched together 200 photos to create a panorama which was then imported into Unity as internal wall paper for a sphere and photo shopped a computer graphic imagery living room onto this space. Although not clearly evident from the walk through video—this environment challenges conventional notions of scale and Cartesian perspective —without making users nauseated. )


  1. Spatial map and script completed based on the completed environment
  2. Initial conversation with female manga artist to create an avatar/manga character of Shizuku and to create a hard copy “serial” comic based on Shizuku’s life on Earth (see script from which artist will work) that will be for “sale” in the souvenir shop.
  3. Purchase and scanning of vintage 3D objects for use in VR environment and for sale in installation/pop-up souvenir shop. 
  4.   App development (cross-platform capable) with Klynt 3 software in progress

This month: Scanning of actress Tomi Heady, who plays “Rae”, completion of dialogue script, and recording of dialogue. We will then begin to animate her using USC’s soft body software. In addition, we have been Skyping with Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory University of Osaka to negotiate 3D scanning of one of his lifelike gynoid robots that would be animated via this software and put into a 360 CGI environment in conversation with Tomi  Heady as Rae.

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