Reconstructing Mayakovsky Will Be Shown in Bremen

“We would like to include your work, Reconstructing Mayakovsky (2008), in our upcoming exhibition “Shapeshifiting texts”, taking place during the International Conference on Digital Media and Textuality, from the 3rd to the 5th of November 2016, in Bremen, Germany. The Exhibition “Shapeshifting Texts” will be curated by Daniela Côrtes Maduro in collaboration with the ongoing project “Archiv der deutschsprachigen elektronischen Literatur” (ADEL), developed by Professor Peter Gendolla and Professor Jörgen Schäfer. It will feature electronic literature and experimental works collected by several archives within the Consortium on Electronic Literature (CELL). ”

Also, RM got a thoughtful analysis in The Futurist Yearbook–

Decoding the DNA of Poetry: Reconstructing Mayakovsky in the Digital Era.



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