Atomic Vacation Trailer

animation 1


At BANFF, I had the opportunity to collaborate with master animator Sasha Stanojevic. We made an animation with my text spoken by a little girl text to speech program and sounds of Kepler courtesy of NASA. It’s beautiful. So excited to get working on this.

Atomic Vacation is a narrative game in VR, a journey through database landscapes—the visual representation of stored memories. These memories belong to Shizuku, a robot girl from the near apocalyptic future who is trying to recover the deleted history of her  former life on Earth. By retrieving these memories for her, you enable Shizuku to reconstruct and recount her story to you. In journeying through,  the user will  have the opportunity to consider the question: as our experiences become more and more computer-mediated, what or who passes/counts as human? 

Each landscape is a thought experiment of sorts. Each organizes and reveals information differently. It is expected that you will feel uncomfortable with some of these puzzles for which there is not one correct solution.  

Please contact me for more information or for collaboration/funding/exhibition opportunities.animation 1

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