My Review of “Electronic Literature: A Matter of Bits” at Rutgers University

It’s not often that I tell people they must go to New Jersey, but the current exhibition “Electronic Literature: A Matter of Bits” at The Stedman Gallery at Rutgers University, Camden offers just that opportunity. Sponsored by the Digital Studies Center and curated by Director Jim Brown and Associate Director Robert Emmons, the exhibition features works drawn mostly from the newly publishedElectronic Literature Collection, Volume 3. It offers visitors the rare chance to interact with some “classics” of born digital literature including bpnichol’s “First Screening” computer poems (1984) and Judy Malloy‘s hypertext Uncle Roger (1986) as well as a panoply of newer forms that includes a live Twitter feed of bot-authored poems, Caitlin Fisher’s trippy Oculus Rift piece, Everyone at This Party is Dead (from the Cardamom of the Dead Series), and Zuzana Husárová and L’ubomir Panák’s unsettling Enter:in’ Woodies (2011), a work for Kinect….

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