#Queerskins: a #love story for #VR is live on Kickstarter! #futureofstory

Please support this groundbreaking interactive LGBTQ centered drama that combines cutting-edge tech with intimate, lyrical storytelling.


We are brave. We take risks. We break rules. We do not take “no” for an answer. We will go to the ends of the Earth for our projects. We have Skyped with a Japanese designer of androids at 2AM, we have toured North Korea, we have spent days driving around rural Missouri eating fried food and shooting 360º video, we have learned foreign languages.

When it comes to trying to make people give us money, we are not the hustlers we wish we were. Getting grants from Sundance Institute and Tribeca Film Institute has been like finding the Wonka golden ticket. It shouldn’t be that way. But, that’s how the world works. That monetary support and the fact that it opens doors has made all the difference.

We are hopeful that through this Kickstarter campaign we will find people of all stripes and types who want to be part of this groundbreaking VR experience that celebrates love in its many forms. We need your money, but we also need your good will to spread the word and publicize Queerskins through your social networks. VR is not yet a widely adopted consumer platform. We know that our major outlets right now will be in film festivals and art exhibitions. Your promoting us helps not only with raising money but with the equally big challenge of getting it out there and seen.

Please.  For the price a a couple skim latte’s you can have this…


We Did It!

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We finished shooting Queerskins: a love story episode 1 with Depthkit. The camera rushes are phenomenal. Hadley Boyd and Drew Moore gave their all for these performances. For updates–sign up for our newsletter at www.queerskins. com

Thanks again to Dawn Saito for excellent help with gesture and movement. Because visitors will mostly see the actors from behind at intimate distance, from the backseat of a photorealistic 1986 Cadillac Sedan Deville, actors had to learn to “act from the back” using posture, gesture, muscle tension. I watched the rehearsal tapes, chose gestures that actors actually “felt” and used that to begin choreographing them with Dawn.



Skywalker Sound Will Do Audio Design for Queerskins: a love story

We are really excited by this turn of events which came about by my posting a question about sound on the FB Spatial Audio Page. Thanks to Kevin Bolen at Skywalker whose smart, creative answer lead to further discussion and, in short order, a pitch. Sound is critical to this work, not only because of it is a spatial medium, but also because it activates visitor imagination and natural storytelling abilities in a way that visuals simply don’t. We were lucky to work with sound production mixer Laura Cunninham who suggested that we record Sebastian’s voice using binaural audio. It is amazing.

Below are two in-headset mock-ups created in between tech rehearsal and shoot. So many things could have gone wrong–but with the expert skill of Cory Allen, DP and lighting, and Supreet Mahanti, Depthkit director, we made it happen. The video, shot with Richard Hammer in MO, makes it feels like you are driving through a home video or rearscreen projection. It has a veneer of nostalgia and memory.